Here at Zabalgarbi our ultimate goal is to provide a service to the community through waste treatment.

Zabalgarbi provides a sustainable, efficient waste-to-energy solution for treatment of waste that is not reused or recycled. This process generates energy safely and highly efficiently at the lowest possible cost, while minimising the environmental impact.

The goal is to provide a quality service to ensure the satisfaction of both clients and the following stakeholders:

  1. Society in general, which demands sustainable, safe treatment at a competitive price.
  2. Shareholders, who in addition to their commitment to a company that manages a public service and complements other waste management systems, aim to obtain a return on their investment in the medium term.
  3. Staff, whose aim is to be part of an open business project in which to pursue an attractive career within a fulfilling work environment.

Management expressly declares its pledge to promote an Integrated Management System based on Quality, the Environment, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety, with the following goals:

  • Compliance with the objectives set out in this management policy.
  • Compliance with all applicable legal requirements and any others to which the organisation is committed
  • Continuous improvement by reviewing the system and setting goals designed to protect the environment and foster personal health and safety.
  • The acquisition of energy-efficient products and services.

Consistent with these principles, Management is committed to providing the information and resources necessary to achieve the aforesaid objectives.

At all events, success will only be possible through the commitment and effort of everyone at Zabalgarbi. Communication and participation, training and professional development are the hallmarks of our organisation.

Política de Gestión


Zabalgarbi, S.A.
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