In the face of the COVID19 crisis, Zabalgarbi maintains its commitment to Bizkaia

19 March, 2020 Zabalgarbi Zabalgarbi Noticias Destacadas EN


Tackling an epidemic is a responsibility that must be shared by society as a whole. In these circumstances Zabalgarbi, as a strategic waste manager, confirms now more than ever that is committed to Bizkaia.

We are aware of how important it is to maintain the essential service provided by our plant, to meet the needs of the territory that we serve. Accordingly, we are applying all our efforts, will and professionalism, while prioritising the health and safety of our workforce, customers and suppliers (see more).

In 2019, the Zabalgarbi plant ran for 8035 hours, in which time it managed 224,591 t of nonrecyclable waste. By valorising that waste, we generated 630.5 GWh of energy, enough to meet 35% of residential demand in Bizkaia.

Since the plant came online in 2005, it has handled more than 3.4 million tonnes of nonrecyclable waste which would otherwise have been landfilled. That is enough rubbish to have filled Bilbao’s San Mamés football stadium almost 7 times over. In one year’s operation, Zabalgarbi generates as much energy as Metro Bilbao uses in seven years.


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