Our Cookies Policy aims to provide information to users of the www.zabalgarbi.com website so they can decide whether to give consent to install cookies used by www.zabalgarbi.com. Here you can find information about cookies, the types of cookies you will see when browsing online, what type of cookies www.zabalgarbi.com, uses, how to manage and remove them, and how to change previously given consent.

What are cookies?

Cookies are tools used by web servers to store and recover visitor information. They are simple text files that some servers forward to device users to record browsing information, allowing quality and security improvements to the web page. They expire after a particular length of time, varying from the time the session lasts to a specific date in the future from which point they will no longer function.

What types of cookies can you come across when browsing online?

In terms of who is managing the domain the cookies are sent from, and who is managing the gathered data, there are two different groups of cookies: first-party cookies and third-party cookies.

They can also be classified according to the time they remain stored in a customer’s browser, as either session cookies or persistent cookies.

Finally, they can be classified according to the eventual purpose of the data collected into five different types: technical cookiespersonalisation cookiesanalysis cookiesadvertising cookies and behavioural advertising cookies.

Consent is not required for the installation of technical cookies or those that are strictly necessary for providing a service expressly requested by the user. All other types of cookies require consent.

For more information please consult the Cookies Usage Guide from the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

What types of cookies does www.zabalgarbi.com use?

First-party cookies

PHPSESSID is a session cookie. This cookie is used by the web server in order to maintain the users’ SESSION. This cookie is essential to smooth operation of the website. It expires at the end of a session.

It is a technical cookie using the PHP standard to control how the session is maintained. It does not require user consent to be installed.

Third-party cookies

Google Analytics

Our website uses analysis cookies – these allow the person managing the data to monitor and analyse the behaviour of users of the websites they link from. Data collected by this type of cookie is used for measuring web activity, and for producing browser profiles of users of these sites, in order to make improvements based on the service user data analysis.

Specifically, www.zabalgarbi.com uses a Google tool called Google Analytics, to analyse and measure how users browse our website, to help us improve the browsing experience even further. Using our previous definitions these are third-party, persistent, analysis cookies.

Google Analytics uses the following cookies:

  • utma: this cookie generates a unique user ID which it uses to count how many times a user visits the website. It also records the times of a user’s first and last visit to the website. It is a persistent cookie and could last over two years before it expires.
  • utmb and utmc: these are cookies used to calculate when a session finishes. The utmb records the time a user arrives at the page, whilst the utmc checks if it needs to keep the session open or needs to create a new session.
  • utmz: this cookie records the origin of the user, as well as the keywords. It expires after six months, but renews each time the website is visited (provided that it is not a direct visit).

Its main objectives are:

  • Allow anonymous identification of browser users through the cookie (identifying browsers and devices as opposed to people) and as such obtain an approximate count of the number of visitors and their movements during their visit.
  • Anonymously identify the most visited, and therefore most attractive content.
  • Know whether the user accessing the site is doing so for the first time or is a repeat visitor.

All this information helps improve and tailor the website’s service.

The information collected can be used to create reports which enable us to improve our website. The Google Analytics cookie files gather information anonymously, they do not provide us with any type of personal information. Through web analytics we can obtain information relating to the number of users accessing the website, the number of pages visited, the frequency and number of repeat visits, their duration, the browser used, the service provider used, language, terminal used, and the city the IP address is registered to.

For more information on Google Analytics go to:


If users of the website would like to stop Google Analytics from gathering and using their data they can get the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on here:


Google Maps

Our website uses cookies used by external content add-ons.

Specifically, we use Google maps cookies (NID), managed entirely by Google. These cookies will not in any case identify users personally. They are persistent cookies. They last for six months. The cookies are used by Google to store user preferences and information when displaying Google maps pages.

We use Google’s interactive maps (Google Maps) because they give useful information to visitors who need to find our premises.

You can consult the Google Maps privacy policy here:


The third-party cookies we mentioned previously require your consent to be installed.


Our website is translated into several languages and it uses the pll_language cookie, to record the last language chosen.

Cookie notice

The cookie_notice_accepted cookie is activated when we accept the message to browse using cookies.

How can I manage cookies?

The installation of third-party cookies on our website starts once we have obtained consent from users.

The first time you visit our website you will be given information about how we obtain your consent.

Consent can be given expressly by clicking on the ‘Accept’ button. If you continue to browse our website we consider this to be giving your tacit consent.

Once we have received your consent it will not be requested on successive visits to the website.

Consent will only apply to the web page on which we request your consent.

After giving your consent our website will provide you with a way of managing cookies installed on your computer on an ongoing basis

To withdraw your consent for the installation of cookies you must remove the installed cookies.

If you remove the cookies, you will be asked for consent to install cookies the next time you visit our website.

However, to avoid them being installed in the future you need to change your installed browser’s settings to ‘Private Browsing’ or ‘Do-Not-Track’. This will block or deactivate the installation of cookies.

To allow, block, or remove cookies on your terminal or mobile device using the settings in your browser options, you need to follow the instructions within the browser you are using. The following links show you how to do it in the most common browsers:

If you use a different browser or the links provided do not have the information you need, go to your browser’s ‘Options’ or ‘Settings’ (or equivalent) menu to find information on how to manage cookies installed on your equipment, or go to the ‘Help’ or ‘Support’ section on your browser.

Some browsers allow you to configure specific rules – exceptions – to manage cookies by individual website, meaning you can deactivate cookies on all websites apart from the ones you trust.

If you block or deactivate the use of the technical cookies PHPSESSID, as well as the cookies used by external content add-ons such as Google maps cookies (NID), some web functions may be affected. This will not happen with analytical cookies: deactivating these will not affect web functionality.

Do not forget to configure your preferences across all the devices you use for browsing the internet.