The Life GISWASTE project has convened the private and public stakeholders of the Basque Country

11 February, 2016 adclick Sin categoría



The work session is open to all generators, logistic companies, waste managers, feed manufacturers and biogas engineering companies, along with local authorities.

The expert panel has been organised to ensure the reliability and feasibility of the GISWASTE tool. Thus, all the stakeholders involved in waste recovery will be able to learn firsthand details of the project, and will also have the opportunity to give their impressions and contributions.

The main objective of the Life GISWASTE project is to develop a computer tool to help the user to take decisions when implementing a recovery plant for plant, meat and dairy by-products. Using the GIS tool, they will be able to establish the environmental, economic, geographical and technical viability to generate biogas and/or produce animal feed. The project partners are AZTI-Tecnalia, Geograma, LKS and Ihobe, the Basque Government’s Publicly-owned Environmental Management Company.

You can register for this Life GISWASTE expert panel by send an email with the name of your organisation and personal details by email to